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Choosing a pallet truck for your business is important for your requirements. There are many different types of pallet trucks and each designed for your industry please see below.
If your are not sure which type is the most suitable we can offer you free advice and discuss your needs
Stainless steel- Clean, For the food industry,
pharmaceutical, medical or where  hygiene is the up most importance
Non metallic- no rust alternative to stainless steel
Hand pallet trucks-  low cost, high quality, convenient
Power start- Ease of use and usefull less strain on long hour work
Compact weight scale- Avoids foot damage, takes up less room, lower levels handy for moving pallets across the room
Global- European  Different sized forks for international sized pallets
Bulldog- Rubber wheels, gripping floor, quiet, sensitive floor surfaces


High Lift- 
1,500 Semi Electric 

Electric powered 100kg

Power heavy duty

Folding Hand -Light weight, Cost effective, portable

Rough Terrain- Nurseries, garden centres, building sites

JCB- Tough performance

Low profile- 57mm, 51mm 36mm lowered height

Premium 3000kg

Printers small- for the printer industry

Jungheinrich powered- 
perfect solution for every transport distance. Whether it is for short distances solely with pedestrian mode, medium distances with combined pedestrian/rider operation or for long distances with rider operation. Capacities of 1,600 to 3,500